Monday, July 30, 2012

Simonson Family Reunion - Dworshak style

Our annual trip to Dworshak quickly turned into a great big family reunion!  No one wanted to be left out this year!  First Clint put in for vacation time so that he and his family could join us.  Then Tanessa decided they would drive from Texas to join us...and it so happened that Jaron was here for the summer with his kids and they were all able to get the time off to be together.  We started the trek on Sat. July 21st, when Clint, Jaron, and Jacob along with their families made the 9 hour journey to Trisha's house in Clarkston.  Then early Sunday morning, Brent and I and Tanessa's family started our journey to meet up with them at Dworshak!  We all emerged about 3:30 pm on Sunday afternoon and started toting things across the lake to set up camp!  We had a great campsite with a big firepit and a couple of tables to prepare our food.
Lots of tent space??  I think we were sleeping on top of each other, but what are close families for?

Trisha and Danny made us some yummy Dutch oven to start it off!

The kids after a good night's sleep!

Then it was time to go to the floating dock!!  Three beautiful days in the sun for pool games, swimming, tubing, boating, jetskiing, climbing rocks, diving, eating...and anything else we could think of to do!  It was beautiful!  We had tons of I will just put up all the pictures!  Be prepared...there are many!  Also...they will appear in alphabetical Addi is up first!
 she tried her turn at the skis...pretty brave!
 Then it's Ali's turn.  

She learned to ski this year, get up, and get out of the wake, and go FOREVER!
 lookin' like a pro!
 Brent!   He spent most of his time driving the boat to entertain all of us...

 He took a little time off to climb the rocks and try a dive or two!

C is for Carter, Clint and Corgin!  Carter had a ton of fun swimming!
Jumping off the dock in the DIAPER mode!!  lol
 He got up on the skis!  And he loved tubing with the girls too!
 Yes, Clint is so cool!!!
 jumping from the cliffs!

 The Corgin meister!  
Who's sitting in my chair eating all the chocolate licorice??
 Addi and Corgin...quite the team!
 He makes a pretty good splash...
on skis, or off the rocks!
 Time at the dock with all of us...
 the kids loved playing games and doing tricks off the dock!
 swimming and fun...

 Always great when lunch time comes...time to crowd under the shade for some food!

 or just act cool around the pole!
 in alphabetical order...after Eating...comes EMMY!
 She also learned to ski this year!  She's up and going!
 Mr. Grant...looking sweet!
Grant was our 'designated flagger'!
Jacob Von...lookin' good!
taking his leaps from the rock cliffs...

 What would life be like without the antics of Jacob!!
 and now with his sidekick, Janelle...they are twice the fun and laughs!
 "I'm sorry I didn't spray the sunscreen on you more evenly, honey!"
 Jake Larsen!  lookin' a little sunburned there...
 but always good for a smile!
Jake jumping from the rocks!
 Oh...the many faces of Janelle!
 she's just too cute!
 next up,  Jaron!

 Taking the leap...after taking the fall!  So glad he wasn't hurt seriously!
 Jet skis!!  Definitely had fun with these this year!

 K is for Katie!  She probably likes this shot...
 cause there ain't much fun in being prego in the hot summer!  But she was a great sport...
 Kristi...of what I am pondering...I do not know!
 Miss Lilly!
 and Mister Linkoln!
 T is for Tanessa!  Freckles and all...
 she can sure ski!

 Trisha really liked to be under cover!  In almost all the pictures, she is hiding under this hat!
I think I might detect a little baby bump there...hmmm
 Here we are with some fun tubing pictures...

The girls made up a dance, with their little attitude... "Bring it On!"
 The boys could hold their own!  "BRING IT!"
 There's always a little cliff diving...Brent,

Climbing up...right before Jaron's fall!
 Corgin and Grant practicing their dives on the dock!
 I told you Corgin would show up again!  He talked Grandpa into driving the boat!
 Grant and his Mommy! that Trisha's face??  No hat...awww...
 Kid rock always makes an appearance!  Tanessa keeping the dream alive!
 Linkoln practicing his jet ski tricks!!
 The boys pondering the heighth...Ummm......ya, it's high!
 "Oh yeah....I can do it!"
 And did I mention, there was lots of swimming?

 The hat and Corgin....
 Jaron watching the little girls swim, Addi and Lilly.
We had a blast!  Ate tons of good food, played lots of silly games, visited, gossiped, laughed, but most of all, just enjoyed being together with FAMILY!  That's what it's all about!